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In the March issue of Spin magazine, the 2005 reader's poll results were published. Arcade Fire were voted the Best New Artist. Here are some scans of the issue in question along with a transcript of the interview with Win and Regine on their win.

Scan 01 Transcript (Scan 01)
When we asked Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire how it feels to be voted Best New Band by our readers, they went momentarily silent. The they looked at us crossly, drank some absinthe, and began muttering something in French. Turns out all their chattering was a Gallic version of a classic Aesop fable, which translates thusly:

Perched in a treetop, old Mister Crow
Was holding a cheese in his beak.
Drawn by the stench, Mister Fox down below
Peered up, the proceeded to speak,
"Well, hello, fair Sir Crow! Lovely day!
How you dazzle my eyes!
How rare you display!
Not to lie, if you voice when you sing
Is as fine as the cut of your wing,
I'll know you're the phoenix reborn in these woods!"
At these words, the old crow became giddy with pleasure
And, thinking to price his voice a treasure
He opened his bif beak and promptly dropped the goods.
Fox pounced upon his prize and said, "My dear, dead sir
Learn now that every flatterer
Lives at the cost of those who give him credit.
That lesson's worth a cheese, no doubt, so don't forget it!"
The crow, in shame and chagrin,
Swore, a bit late, never again to be taken in.

MORAL: When you cover one of David Bowie's songs, let him cover one of yours, as well.

Scan 02 Transcript (Scan 02)
Best New Artist: Arcade Fire
Enchanted Items: +5 Football Helmet of Drumstick-Bashing; the adoration of morbid, HBO-subscribing yuppies and Davids Bowie and Byrne.
Runner Up: My Chemical Romance (gained 1,000 experience points for waiting until Jack White completed anger-management class before appropriating red-and-black scheme)
Second Runner Up: Fall Out Boy (mastered use of the Poul of Infinite Humanity)

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