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The character of Deacon Frost was originally created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan as part of the Marvel Universe, appearing in Tomb of Dracula and other Blade-related comics. He is hugely different to his onscreen counterpart.

Born in Germany in the 19th Century, Frost studied physics and chemistry becoming obsessed with finding a way to become immortal. During one of his experiments, he acquired blood for a recently dead vampire and injected it into a woman he had kidnapped. Deacon Frost (comics)Almost immediately, the woman began to develop fangs and Frost believed that his experiment had been a success. Before he could do anything, he was attacked by someone who had discovered his kidnapping exploits. During the struggle, Frost was accidentally injected with the vampire blood and began to transform immediately. With his newly acquired powers, he was able to overcome his attacker.

Although Frost was now a vampire, he was not a normal vampire, his powers being slightly different. Whenever he bit someone, transforming them into a vampire, a doppleganger was a created of that person. Frost maintained complete control over these dopplegangers and was able to make an infinite number. He began to see humans as cattle that existed only to satisfy his hunger and fed indescriminately as he travelled the world.

In England, operating as a doctor, he was called to Madame Vanity's brothel where Tara Brooks was experiencing a difficult delivery. He arrived just as the baby was born. Though the umbilical cord was wrapped around the childs neck and he wasn't breathing, Frost ignored him and bit Tara who managed to scream, alerting others to what was happening. Frost escaped through a window, leaving Tara to die from blood loss. The child, named Eric, was saved but when his mother had been bitten, a vampire enzyme had made its way into his system via the umbilical cord. Eric, now immune to vampire bites, became Blade and when he was older, tracked the vampire who had killed his mother.

After this, Frost began to work to become Lord of Vampires, hoping to take the position from Dracula. While he tracked Dracula, Blade and Hannibal King, who had been bitten by Frost earlier, tracked Frost. They encountered dopplegangers of themselves, created by Frost, and managed to destroy them though Frost told them that they were only delaying the inevitable - that his armies would still manage to take over the world. They then tracked him to a laboratory where he was experimenting with a fungus that could strip flesh from bones. Both Blade and King managed to throw a wooden blade into Frost's heart and they escaped just before an explosion wiped out the lab.

However, Frost was not dead and managed to create a doppleganger of himself. This doppleganger made a deal with a demon, but died after he had successfully summoned the demon to earth.

Later, the real Frost moved to New Orleans, where he became the head of the one of the large mobster families and began taking over various corporations. He also started a war with an opposition family, the Rocques. His ultimate plan was to move into other cities, turning major mobsters into vampires, thus amassing massive amounts of power and becoming the Lord of Vampires. His activities drew Blade and King to New Orleans, and although Frost managed to capture them both, they managed to defeat him. Blade drove a wooden dagger through Frost's throat and cut off his left arm, but before he could finish the job, Frost jumped out the window and disappeared.

He reappeared during the Rite of Ascendance, a ritual being performed by Dracula. The Rite of Ascendance was to give Dracula unheard of levels of power, but during the ritual itself, Dracula's body would be temporarily vulnerable. To prevent anything happening to him, he summoned vampires from across the world to protect him while he was in such a state. Frost was one of the vampire who was summoned. When Blade showed up to interrupt the ritual, he and Frost fought, with Blade ending things by shoving a stake through Frost's heart.

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