Sentimental Type of Guy

extra: deacon frost

credit: Lorraine

Deacon Frost was not born a vampire - he was made into one. He soon began to show contempt for the rules that the vampire community had been living by for centuries, forming his own powerbase and starting up nightclubs which featured 'bloodbaths' at their climax. Frost believed that instead of vampires living in the shadows, making deals with humans, they should realise that they were the top of the food chain. He saw humanity as nothing more than cattle, and wanted to bring about a new age for vampires, an age in which they would control the world instead of the humans.

He persued several avenues in the pursuit of this dream. First, he studied Blade, a half-vampire who was not affected by sunlight, learning everything he could about him. Second, he combed the vampire archives for mention of La Magra, an ancient bloodgod. Despite being called before the Vampire Council and warned to stop what he was doing, Frost was singleminded in his pursuit of vampire superiority.

When he discovered what was needed to invoke La Magra, bringing about 'hell on earth', Frost set about it without hesitation. Kidnapping the Council members, he brought them to an ancient temple where they were all killed as part of the La Magra ritual. That done, he found himself transformed into a being of unimaginable power, with super strength, speed and regenerative powers. A hairs breadth away from his dream, Frost was killed by Blade.

It was revealed shortly before the La Magra rite, that Frost was responsible for Blade's alteration into 'The Daywalker', having bitten Blade's mother while she was heavily pregnant. Although Blade believed that his mother had died in the attack, she actually became a vampire and lived with Frost, as his lover, until she was killed by Blade.

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