What is Hellsing?
Hellsing originally started out as a manga which is still running in Young King Ours. It was created by Kouta/Kohta Hirano. It later spawned into a television series shown at 2am in Japan for it's graphic nature. The story revolves around the Hellsing Organization, lead by Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing. The Hellsing Organization's purpose is clearly outlined in it's prayer "In the name of God, all impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen." Integral's father died when she was 13 and took over the Organization for her father. Serving her are her steward, Walter Kum Dorne, Alucard and his fledgling, Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte. Alucard is the main character of this anime. He is Integral's servant and she his master, bound by blood. Alucard is a centuries old vampire who with his man-made firepower (the Jackal and the Casull) and his own powers, hunts the ghouls, FREAKS and true vampires who dare invade Her Royal Highness' dominion. Continually being one of the main antagonistic forces is the Iscariot organization also known as Section 13 of the Vatican, headed by Enrico Maxwell. Enrico's main force is that of Father Alexander Anderson, a catholic priest of the vengeful, purifying kind. Another antagonist is the mysterious Millenium Organization, lead by Major Krieg (Some use the name Major Montona Max). Some of his subordinates include Rip Van Winkle, Captain, Doc, Schrodinger, Yan & Luke Valentine as well as others that I cannot name as this time for I have yet to learn their names. If I write anymore, I will truly be spoiling both the anime and the manga.

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