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Anita Blake: Jean-ClaudeBlade: Deacon FrostCharlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy WonkaChronicles of Narnia, The: AslanChronicles of Narnia, The: BreeChronicles of Narnia, The: Prince CaspianChronicles of Narnia, The: Prince Cor 'Shasta'Chronicles of Narnia: Mr. TumnusDark Visions: Gabriel WolfeHarry Potter: Albus DumbledoreHarry Potter: Bellatrix LestrangeHarry Potter: Draco MalfoyHarry Potter: Dumbledore's ArmyHarry Potter: FawkesHarry Potter: Ginny WeasleyHarry Potter: Hermione GrangerHarry Potter: Minerva McGonagallHarry Potter: Oliver WoodHarry Potter: Remus LupinHarry Potter: Rowena RavenclawHarry Potter: Severus SnapeHarry Potter: Sirius BlackHarry Potter: [+] RavenclawsLabyrinth: JarethMary Poppins: Poppins, MaryNight World: All CharactersNight World: Ash RedfernNight World: NilssonNight World: Raksha KellerRocky Horror Picture Show: Riff RaffSecret Circle, The: Nick ArmstrongSilent BobStar Wars: the JediStar Wars: YodaVampire Chronicles, The: ClaudiaVampire Chronicles, The: Lestat de LioncourtVampire Chronicles, The: Marius de RomanusVampire Chronicles, The: PandoraVampire Diaries, The: KlausVampire Diaries, The: Matt HoneycuttVampire Diaries, The: Meredith Sulez

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