Vampire Comparison: Anime/Manga

Can go out in light? Yes Yes Yes, but they don't like the light
Can levitate self? No Yes Yes
Origins of? Shinso, who were originally vampires and manisfestations of nature. Though they have other ways of getting nutrients, drinking the blood of a human yields a 1 out of 10,000 chance of that human becoming a vampire, after a long period of time. In some of the versions, her mother was of the vampire clan who married a human and had Miyu. The vampire clan tracked Miyu down and made her a guardian who tracks down Shinma. In another version, it's her father who has that duty, but regardless, in all versions, she lived normally as a human until her vampire blood awoke. Only virgins can be made into vampires
Have Heirarchy? Shinso, the True Ancestors, and Shito, the Dead Apostles. Shito also have the division of the 27 Ancestors of the Dead Apostles, which are the most powerful/eldest and recognized by the Church. In some versions, yes, but she seems to be the only one of her type, at least allowed on Earth Yes, there are "true" vampires, and "lower-class" vampires
Aversion of religious items? Complicated. Crosses can be used to remind Shinto that they once had faith, and subsequently bring them under the influence of nature, and thus turn them into dust. Note the "can." Sometimes Shinto just don't care anymore. Of course, if the Vampire had different or no faith, it's not quite as effective. No - have no effect No, but certain blessed weapons can be very painful
Stakes will Kill? No No No
Bodies Age? No No. She remains eternally 13-years-old physically No
Power to Shape-shift No No Yes
Use Coffins No No Yes
Aversion to Garlic No No Not mentioned
Transform into Mist No No Yes
Animals fear vampires? No No Unclear
Talons as Nails No No No
Has Heart beat? ? Unclear Unclear
Control Animals Only familiars No Probably, can use mind-control on humans
Skin cold No No Unclear
Sexually functioning Yes Unclear Unclear
Have children? ? Unclear Unclear
Get stronger with age Yes Unclear Unclear
Reflection in mirror? Yes Yes Unclear
Need invitition No No No
Warms after feeding? Perhaps as a side-effect of losing sanity and going out-of-control Unclear Unclear