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Some of the basic, and not-so-basic powers of vampires in myth and legend.

Create other vampires:

Some believe the vampire can choose to create more of its kind, while others believe it takes three bites to be effective
Flight: Several vampires have the ability to fly (bruxsa, langsuir and aswang) others can change shape
Misting or vaporizing: Such as seen in Dracula
Strength: Increases with age
Hypnosis: To lull people into doing certain things or opening doors or windows
Change in size or dimensions: In Dracula with Lucy
Control the elements: Over wind, rain and other natural forces
Crontrol over animals: Insects, rats, fleas and bats
Eternal Life: Not all
Scale walls: nimble as spiders
Transformation: Into bats, cats, dogs, wolves, butterflies, insects, rats, birds, fleas, mice and locusts
Drain life force or psychic energy: psychic vampire

Less Common Attributes:

Causing blights and crop failures: kresnik
Causing plagues and epidemics: Result of killing so many people
Siring children: offspring are phampirs in some regions
Causing impotence: nosferatu
Stealing organs: jigarkhwar (liver) upier (heart)


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