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Many of the ways to become a vampire listed below come from foke-lore and myth, thesedays they can be seen as quite extreme.


Birth: Born at certain times of the year (new moon, holy days)
Born with red caul, with teeth, or with an extra nipple
Born with excess hair, with a red birthmark, or with two hearts
Conceived on a holy day
Weaned too early
Suckled after weaning
Born the seventh son of a seventh son
Death without baptism
Recieved a curse
Mother did not eat enough salt during pregnancy
Mother stared at a vampire when pregnant

Actions in Life Leading to Vampiric Transformation

Committing suicide
Practicing sorcery or witchcraft
Eating sheep killed by wolves
Leading an immoral life (prostitution, murderers)
For Priests - Saying a mass while in state of mortal sin
Being a werewolf

Death or After-Death Curses

Death at the hands of a vampire
Wind from the Russian Steppe blowing on the corpse
Having a cat or other animal jump/fly over corpse
Having a shaddow fall on the corpse
No burial or impropper burial rites
Death by violence or murder
Murder that is unrevenged
Having a candle passed over corpse
Having one's brother sleepwalk
Death by drowning
Stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse
Being buried face up in the grave (Bulgeria)


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