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Common Methods

Staking: Most commonly used method
Beheading: Care to avoid spilling blood
Sunlight: Some aged and powerful vampires are immune
Cremation: Found over the world, scatter the ashes
Piercing with a sword: Blessed sword should be used
Immersing in water: Bathtub can be used, disposal of body can be problematic
Drenching in garlic and holy water: Oil, wine or vinegar can also be used
Touching with crucifix: Young vampire, yes. Usually a repellant
Trapping the grave: Iron bits, red peas, rice (Chinese) roses, garlic, stones and holy water
Extracting the heart

Less Common Methods

Stealing the left sock: Only a few species
Injecting with holy water: Troubles of getting close enough without danger to self
Magic: For the trained
Bottling: Malyasia and Bulgaria
Breaking of spine: Then beheading
Using a dhampir: a half-vampire, usually was difficult to convince
Using animals: Cocks, dogs and white wolves
Boiling of the heart: Trouble of getting close enough


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