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Most of the "protections" below are from myth built up over the last few centuries. Many are rather silly these-days, but superstition surrounds most, such as fishnets and blood-bread.

Garlic: Most common protective herb. Used on windows, doors, around neck. Mixed with water can be sprinkled
Holly: Placed around the house
Fishnets: Over windows. Vampires like to untangle.
Seeds: Mustard and poppy can be sprinkled on yards and walkways
Grain: Oats and other grains sprinkled over yards and walkways
Holy Water: Vials can be thrown at vampires, poured into graves or coffins. Sprinkled on doors, windows, thresholds and other areas
Juniper: Logs in house for their anti-evil powers
Bells: Constant ringing will drive away undead
Candles: Abundance of light deters vampires, especially if blessed
Incense: Latin prefered over Eastern. Both offer powerful protection
Tar: Crosses painted with tar on doors and windows
Knives: Stab in heart. Also useful against mara
Mirrors: Placed on doors, annoy vampires
Stakes/Pins: Impale/Pierce, bad to get their blood on user
Magic/Witchcraft: For trained
Appeasment: Stalling
Crosses/Crucifixes: Traditional method, use of sacramentals can hold vampire at bay or render grave useless
Icons: Effective against Byzantine/Orthodox vampires
Eating of blood bread: Used in Poland
Burial of wine: Transylvania
Drinking blood brandy: Pomerania
Consecrated host: Hard to get and needs to be handled with care. Problem of sin of blasphemy
Prayer: Helpful


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