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Fan Works

If you have any fanfiction, poetry, fan-art or wallpapers and would like others to be able to read/download them, please email them to me so they can be put here. Full credit will be given of course and I'm sure others will enjoy them!

Vampyrs Bloody Dance by
He follows you around at night, while not keeping you out of sight.
He thinks of the thought of your sweaty skin between his two piercing teeth, with the flowing of your blood going down his throat.
The thought makes him do his bloody dance closer near from the corners of the shadows and dances he closes near doing his bloody dances and nearer and near.
Then he grabs you into the corners of the darkness while doing his bloody dance.
In the darkness he pierces you with his piercing two teeth, then your red hot bloody races down his throat doing its own bloody dance.


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