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Who is Maetel?
Maetel is the twin sister of Emeraldas, and daughter of Queen Promethium.
Maetel is one of my earliest favourite anime/manga characters. I first remember watching her on Ginga Tetsudou 999 (Galaxy Express 999) when I was around 10 years old, and I just fell in love with her story. Doomed to roam space seeking out adventurers and victims, and helping them on their way such as Tetsuro Hoshiro whose mother was killed by Count Mecha, a hunter of beautiful humans. But she is always working on her own mission to save her mother, Queen Promethium, by sending humans to become mechanized which will eventually cause the downfall of the Machine empire as per her father's orders (Dr. Ban, whose life energy resides in a pendant that she carries).

What series has Maetel appeared in?

  • Ginga Tetsudou 999 (Galaxy Express 999)
  • Maetel Legend
  • Cosmowarrior Zero (Cosmo Warrior Zero)
  • Harlock Saga: Nibelung no yubiwa 'Rhein no ōgon' (Harlock Saga: The Ring of Nibelung: The Rhinegold)
  • Sayōnara, ginga tetsudō Surī-Nain: Andromeda shūchakueki (Adieu, Galaxy Express 999: Last Stop Andromeda)
  • Ginga tetsudō Three-Nine: Eternal Fantasy (Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy)
  • Ginga tetsudō Three-Nine: Eien no tabibito Emeraldas (Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Traveler Emeraldas)
  • Ginga tetsudō Three-Nine: Fumetsu no kūkan kidō (Galaxy Express 999: To the Center of the Universe! / Galaxy Express 999: Indestructible Space Rail)
  • Ginga tetsudō Three-Nine: Kimi wa haha no yō ni aiseru ka!! (Galaxy Express 999: Can You Love Like a Mother!?)
  • Uchū kaizoku kyaputen Hārokku (Space Pirate Captain Harlock)
  • Uchū kōkyōshi Mater: Ginga Tetsudo 999 Gaiden (Space Symphony Maetel)

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